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4th floor, Dong Le Building
2019 Shen Nan East Road
Shenzhen, PRC

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Turpan Climate

16 - 20mm
annual precipitation rate
average temperature
sunshine hours per year
270 days
length of growing season
Irrigation from an Ancient Source

Water from Tian Shan Mountain

We water our grapes with melting snow from Tian Shan Mountain. Untouched by men and free from pollution, it channels through the underground Karez water system to our vineyard, keeping the water source naturally pure.

First Organic Vineyard from Turpan 

Discover Our Estate

Located in the heart of Xinjiang, near the Tian Shan Mountain, Puchang Vineyard shares the same latitude with some of the best wine-making regions in the world. Comprising of five carefully selected plots, a total of approximately 67 hectares, the vineyard has an annual production of 130,000-150,000 bottles of wines.


Organic Process

We strive to work through ecological processes, using only organic, non-chemical substances to produce premium quality wines with low level of sulphites.  Puchang vineyard is proud to have received organic certifications from ECOCERT, an independent organization that specializes in the certification of organic agricultural products since its creation in 1991. The organization approves and certifies the compliance of products, systems or services with the organic standard in more than 90 countries, setting a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.

“Combining Traditional and Modern Methods”


We handpick and manually sort all grapes. Our winemaking team closely monitors the yield of each plant, making sure that each plant maintains high quality of grape clusters with structural complexity and strong concentration.

To ensure optimal balance between acidity, sugar and pH value, each varietal is analyzed in a laboratory on a weekly basis once the skin turns color, then every three days from July onwards. As a result of such combined efforts, we are able to present to the world well balanced and flavorful organic wines that fully reflect the landscape of Xinjiang.