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Strong Scent of Strawberry and Floral Note


Beichun is a hybrid between wild grapes from Jilin Province in China and muscat from Xinjiang. An unique variety with high sugar levels only grown in Xinjiang. A full-bodied yet elegant wine in most vintages, with strong scent of strawberry and floral note, particularly rose. The wine is exquisitely sumptuous aroma with strong tannins.

offering more berry aromas with some herbaceous flavor

Pinot Noir

One of the most popular varietal in the world, this grape produces wines that are medium-bodied with low tannins. Our pinot noir is more fruit-forward, offering more berry aromas with some herbaceous flavor.

Crisp with hints of apple and minerals on the palette


Rkatsiteli is one of the oldest grape varietal originated from Georgia. It was introduced to China in 1956 and yields a good sugar level with high natural acidity. This variety produces sparkling wine and noticeably acidic but balanced white wines. Typical Rkatsiteli is crisp with hints of apple and minerals on the palette.

Very juicy with exceptionally high levels of sugar

Muscat (Clovine)

Distinctive grape variety when grown in Xinjiang, offering a myriad of complex flavours and floral aromas, creating a harmonious and elegant taste. The wealth of flavor on the palate is seamless and completely mouthfilling. This deep golden liquid has an exceptionally long finish with ethereal after taste. Muscat grape is loosely clustered, very juicy with exceptionally high levels of sugar.

Pesticides, Herbicides or Viral Contamination Free

Our Grapes

Under the unique climate in Turpan Valley, pests barely survive in our vineyard. None of our wine grapes contain pesticides, herbicides or viral contamination.

Concentrated with Notes of Minerality

Cabernet Sauvignon

Here in Puchang, smaller berries are produced with high skin-to-juice ratios, offering an expressive wine that is concentrated with notes of minerality.

Bouquet balanced by notes of blackberries and black cherries


This ancient grape is an acidic, teinturier-type grape variety from Georgia and was introduced to China in 1957. Saperavi is very dark skinned and makes an intensely violet coloured, high acid and strong flavored wine, It is an extractive wine with a characteristic bouquet balanced by notes of blackberries and black cherries.

Scented Fruits of Figs, Apricots, and Hints of Almond

Italian Riesling

Italian Riesling was introduced to China in 1982. This grape produces a well-balanced wine, maintaining high acidity and sugar content, with scented fruits of figs, apricots, and hints of almond.